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A Road Trip in the Philippines with Transcend DrivePro

It is important to document memories when you go on a trip. You would normally take videos and photos while exploring certain locations to make memories and have a way to fondly remember the things you saw and did. Adding a dashboard camera to your range of documentation gear is a great way to record your journey to the destination. Just be sure you are using a high-quality dash cam, like Transcend DrivePro, so you can capture the best imagery throughout your road trip.


A car dashboard camera is a great investment if you love going on road trips. The Philippines has many scenic routes that will leave you and your passengers in awe as you drive through them. Whether you are driving solo or with your loved ones, Transcend DrivePro will make sure that you capture the experience efficiently and focus on the road. Its state-of-the-art dashboard camera is compact, so it will not take up too much space or distract you as you drive.


The cameras come with different features, so you can be sure to find the perfect device that will suit your needs. You get high-quality features like a built-in battery that lets the dashboard camera continuously record when there is a power failure. The wide-angle lens ensures a perfect capture of the scenery, GPS to pinpoint your location during recording, infrared LEDs for recording in low light conditions, and the ability to record HD footage.


If you are looking to try out your Transcend DrivePro soon, consider going on road trips that will take you through routes like the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX), which can take you to La Union, Baguio, or Olongapo. If you are in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, do not miss driving along Patapat Viaduct, the scenic bridge hugging the coast and snaking along the shore.


On your way to Mt. Makiling, use your dashboard camera to document your experience of passing through Jamboree Road, which will take you through the area’s mysterious yet breathtaking forests. You may also want to capture footage with your car dashboard camera as you traverse the Lobo-Malabrigo-Laiya Road along the coast of Batangas, and Halsema Highway that will take you to Sagada and other remote places in the Cordillera.


For more information, visit www.lacaraccessories.com and check out the variety of car dashcam available. You can also visit their branches at:


Manila: GMAD Tower 7610 Guijo St. San Antonio Village, Makati City


Paranaque: 52B President Ave Teoville 3, Sucat Paranaque

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Install New High Tech Transcend DrivePro Dashcam for Low-Cost Security Monitoring of Your Car

If you’re on the road a lot, you surely want to install only the most efficient car dashboard camera in the market. But choosing the best often means paying more money, right? Not necessarily. If you want to get a car dashboard camera that is inexpensive yet doesn't compromise performance, pick Transcend DrivePro. Here are some of the remarkable features that a Transcend DrivePro can offer to keep you safer out there.


High definition cameras


Most models of Transcend DrivePro dashboard cameras use Sony Image Sensors, which are some of the most popular options in the world of image sensors. They are known for being more sensitive to light than average image sensors found in many dashcams. Because of this, Transcend's dashcams record crisper, sharper, and clearer images so that even the smallest details on plate numbers are identifiable. Moreover, their HD cameras have larger pixel areas, making it possible to record clear videos at night or in low-light situations. The fact that they use HD cams and excellent Sony Image Sensors is by far the biggest edge of this brand over others.


Emergency video recording


Transcend DrivePro has become popular because of its high-tech features, one of which is called the G-sensor. This feature comes in handy during emergency situations like car accidents and minor collisions. A G-sensor automatically causes the camera to record emergency videos when the dashcam detects a minor collision or a slight bump. These emergency video recordings are locked and cannot be overwritten. They can only be deleted manually. This ensures that you have video footage to submit as evidence that you were in an accident to the authorities and to your insurance company.


Smartphone application


Transcend's dashcams have notably large display screens. What’s more, the manufacturer added Wi-Fi capability to these cameras to make them more user-friendly. By connecting the dashcam to your smartphone, you can easily control the unit, adjust the settings, and even view video recordings.


For more information, visit www.lacaraccessories.com and check out the variety of car accessories available. You can also visit their branches at


Manila: GMAD Tower 7610 Guijo St. San Antonio Village, Makati City


Paranaque: 52B President Ave Teoville 3, Sucat Paranaque


How to Choose the Correct Dual Dash Cam in the Philippines?

Camera technology has indeed penetrated the automotive world, making car accessories more functional and efficient on the road. Some of the most popular devices include backup cameras for cars and dashboard cameras. One is installed at the back of the car to make parking and backing up a breeze. The other one is mounted on the dashboard (sometimes on the windshield) to efficiently record every trip so that in case of road accidents, the driver has evidence to present to the authorities.


Another type of camera technology that has been gaining attention is a dual dashcam. It functions like a typical dashboard camera except that it also records what's happening inside your car or behind it. You will find plenty of dual dashcams in the Philippines. So, how do you choose the best one?


Read product reviews


You can start your search for the best dual dashcams in the Philippines by reading articles or product reviews. Many third-party sites test and assess various models to give you a list of their top five or ten with a comprehensive review of their pros and cons.


Look at the design of the camera system


Some dual dashcams come with two separate cameras: One for the front and the other one for the back of your car. It captures video footage of the road and the vehicles following behind your car. Other dual dashcams have two cameras in one device. If you also want to record the inside of your cabin, then this is the model that you should choose.


Consider the video quality


The number one factor to consider when buying any dual dashcam is video quality. You want a unit that records HD videos and has a night vision feature, ensuring clear and crisp video quality.


Look for extra features


The finest dual dashcams in the Philippines are rich in features, making your driving safer. They have emergency video recording features, G-sensors, and Wi-Fi connectivity.


For more information, visit www.lacaraccessories.com and check out the variety of car accessories available. You can also visit their branches at


Manila: GMAD Tower 7610 Guijo St. San Antonio Village, Makati City


Paranaque: 52B President Ave Teoville 3, Sucat Paranaque


Tips on Installing a Backup Camera for a Car Revealed

Rearview or backup cameras for cars have become increasingly popular because they make reverse driving or parking a breeze. Aside from convenience, they also add an extra layer of protection and safety for the car, the driver, and the passengers. No wonder new models come with built-in backup cameras. And if you have a late-model car that is not yet equipped with a backup camera, don't worry—there are aftermarket systems available that you can buy.

Are you interested in buying a backup camera for a car but don’t know how to properly install it? Then these tips are for you.

1. Buy a backup camera designed for your specific vehicle

Aftermarket manufacturers offer a wide range of DIY backup camera kits, allowing people to install them without difficulty. Most of them are universal—meaning, they work for any type of vehicle. But for your convenience, pick a device that is specifically designed for your car. This will make installation easier and faster. A backup camera for a car that can be mounted onto or directly behind your license plate is also a good option.

2. Connect to the right power supply

If your backup camera does not have built-in batteries, then you will need to connect it to the power supply. Otherwise, it won't work. Most models have to be connected to the reverse lights, a fuse box, or the interior 12-volt cigarette lighter. Some models also require routing a power cable.

3. Set up the monitor

Make sure that the monitor is placed in a position where you can easily see it. One of the best sports to mount it is on your rear-view mirror.

Buy your backup camera from a supplier that offers a wide range of choices for different car models. They should also provide instructions for DIY installation.

For more information, visit www.lacaraccessories.com and check out the variety car stereos available. May also visit their branches at

Manila: GMAD Tower 7610 Guijo St. San Antonio Village, Makati City

Paranaque: 52B President Ave Teoville 3, Sucat Paranaque

4 Reasons, Why You Should Install the Transcend Drivepro Dash Cam in Your Car?

Dashboard cameras have become quite a trend in the car market today. The advantages of owning one have influenced people to buy dashboard cameras for their vehicle, irrespective of their size and brand. The Transcend drivepro dash cam is one such product in the market which many car owners prefer to buy. Let us explore some of the reasons as to why this dash cam has made a hit more than the others.


Perfect image resolution for hi-tech images

Car owners today want as many features as it can be crammed into a dashcam, and at that comfortable price range too. More for less, that is the motto and that is what Transcend offers the buyers. The Transcend drivepro comes with a Sony image sensor which makes the videos recorded both high resolution and perfect. Since getting these images are the primary goal of owning a camera in the first place, the Transcend gets the award for it. The snapshot button on Transcend is handy and convenient to operate.


Good Wi-Fi connectivity and Storage space

Are you planning to load your images online? You can do it easily with a Transcend drivepro dashcam. This allows easy accessibility to the images wherever you are, and helps you to monitor activities near your vehicle. With a 16GB memory card, it is easier to store a lot of images before transferring them. The GPS receiver makes it all perfect for use.


Easy installation and handling

No heavy-duty body or complicated installation process with Transcend drivepro dash cam – all simple and effective. It can be paired into your vehicle systems easily and can fit snugly into any physical space on the dashboard. If you are worried about making space on your dashboard for a camera, then transcend drivepro can help you resolve these issues. The smaller size just snugly fits into wherever you want it installed.


For more information, visit www.lacaraccessories.com and check out the variety of car accessories available. May also visit their branches at


Manila: GMAD Tower 7610 Guijo St. San Antonio Village, Makati City


Paranaque: 52B President Ave Teoville 3, Sucat Paranaque

Get Vkool Car Tint for Safety and Enhancing Energy Efficiency

If you want to install or replace your vehicle's window tints, consider Vkool car tint. It is a well-known brand in the industry of car tinting not only in the Philippines but also in other countries. Vkool is trusted the world over for its excellent car tint products that guarantee safety and energy efficiency. You might be asking: How is Vkool car tint different from the other tints in the market?


Wavelength Selective Coatings


Do you know why traditional tints are coloured using black or dark dyes? Because the darker they get, the better they are at rejecting heat. But the problem with these traditional tints is that they only reject a low percentage of heat. Also, they tend to allow heat buildup in the car windows. Vkool car tint is better because they are made with wavelength selective coatings. They reject heat not because of their dark colour but because of their composition. The tints have reflection properties that reject up to 70% of incoming heat. With these tints installed in your vehicle, you can stay cool even during the hottest summer days.


Extraordinary clarity with visible light transmission performance


Another great thing about V-KOOL’s Wavelength Selective Coatings technology is that it allows sunlight or light to pass through the tinted window. It offers 75% visible light transmission performance so drivers can see the road clearly and ensure a safe journey, especially at night.


High total solar energy rejection


Because Vkool car tints excellently reject heat, you won't have to turn your air conditioning unit at the maximum level all the time. This has a domino effect on your car's engine and even in fuel consumption. Since the AC won't have to work double time to keep you cool inside, the engine won't have to consume so much fuel. This means that you won't only feel more comfortable—you will also save money on fuel.

Improve Your Driving Experience by Having a Quality Car Sound System

Like many car owners, you may take car stereos for granted—until you find yourself constantly stuck in traffic and wanting to listen to good music, that is. A high-quality car stereo can keep you entertained and focused while driving. By playing music through your car sound system, your mood up is lifted. You can keep your cool despite the exterior factors that may be ruining your day, such as heavy traffic congestions and road constructions. In fact, studies show that listening to certain types of songs help drivers stay alert and increase their reaction time. This is especially true for long-distance trips.


Do you want to ensure that every drive is enjoyable? Then it’s time to invest in a quality car sound system. Improve your driving experience with Pioneer car stereo.


High-end systems from trusted brands like Pioneer are set apart from others. They have advanced features and an easy-to-use interface. Aside from producing quality sounds, another biggest benefit of using a high-end system is their user-friendly function. You can play songs with ease, switching from one source to another—be it from a CD player, radios, or iPod. You can also focus more on driving since you won’t be busy dabbling with external connections.


The latest car stereos are also outfitted with audio tuning features. This means you can customise the tuning settings based on how you want the quality of sound to turn out. You can adjust the bass level, Band-EQ, and the time alignment as you wish. That way, you'll have a more enjoyable listening and driving experience.


If you are looking to replace your car audio system, make sure to find Pioneer's partner stores in the Philippines and buy from them. That way, you can save money on free installation.

Top 3 Car Accessories You Need to Buy for a Sophisticated Car Interior

Some of the most popular automotive accessories these days are Pioneer car DVDs and stereos. Car owners install them not only to make every trip more enjoyable and entertaining but also to upgrade the look of their cabin interior. If you don't know what accessories to buy for your car, consider these three.


1.Backup cameras


Backup cameras are not really installed for entertainment purposes. Nevertheless, incorporating a backup camera with advanced technology and state of the art features can surely make your car's interior look smarter.


2.DVD players


Aside from a Pioneer car DVD, there also other great and high-quality brands to choose from. You can consider Kenwood car DVDs. Most of the models from this brand have wide touch screen displays that make playing and watching videos easier. In fact, they also double as car stereos where you can play music and tune in to radio channels.


3.Headrest monitors


Sometimes a DVD player with a small screen is not enough for everyone in the car to enjoy the movie/video they are watching. This is why headrest monitors were invented. Some brands even have touchscreen monitors and come with USB ports and SD card readers so you can play movies with ease.


Complete the transformation by upgrading your car's exterior, too. Invest in high-intensity discharge lighting or HID lights. This electrical gas-discharge lamp provides more visible and vivid light. HID lights also last up to three times longer than halogen bulbs as they consume less energy.


Both car accessories for interior and exterior are all available at reliable online stores. If you want a wider selection of high-quality accessories to choose from, don't buy directly from the manufacturer. Instead, buy from partner distributors. They can help you choose the best type and brand of car accessories that suit your vehicle and style.


Content Source - https://www.lacaraccessories.com/blog/160-top-3-car-accessories-you-need-to-buy-for-a-sophisticated-car-interior.html

How Dashboard Cameras Helps You Throughout Your Journeys

Do you love going on road trips when you need to take some time out from the city’s hustle and bustle? Although going through long drives on the expressway can be relaxing, it can also be stressful—especially if you get into an accident. To better prepare you for your journeys, invest in a car dashboard camera for your car. There are many reasons why this is a good idea.


First of all, a high-quality car dashboard camera can capture high-resolution images whether during the day or night. Its ultra-wide lens will give you a fuller view of what happens outside your car. Some are packaged with rear view cams. Recording images from both sides of the car give you an edge when you get involved in an accident since you can reduce investigation time with stronger evidence.


If you have reached your destination and you have parked your car, a car dashboard camera continues to be an asset. It can record incidences every time it senses movement. You don’t have to worry about wasted battery life since its the parking mode feature puts the cam in hibernate mode until motion is detected.


In case you experience a collision, the G sensor feature allows you to keep your videos secured and spared from being deleted. Take note that emergency recordings only operate when you manually activate them in some cameras. Be sure to read the product specs and instructions thoroughly.


Driver fatigue alerts and a built-in GPS system are some of the features you may want to look at. These come in handy during long drives. Pre-set the car dashboard camera with your determined period of time and you’ll receive regular reminders to rest as needed. You can even keep track of your location the whole time.


Visit the leading provider of car accessories in the Philippines now and check out their selection of dashboard cameras. This extremely useful accessory offers so many features. You will be grateful to have it in you when you travel.


Content Source - https://www.lacaraccessories.com/blog/153-how-dashboard-cameras-helps-you-throughout-your-journeys.html

HID Lights: The Next Generation of Car Head Lights

After decades of being dominated by halogen lights, the automotive market is now embracing HID lights—and the trend is likely to continue because of this technology’s many benefits. HID or High-Intensity Discharge lights are much more vivid; in fact, they are offering triple the illuminating power of halogen bulbs. Aside from producing bright white light, HID lights also are more efficient, have a longer lifespan, boast broader coverage, and are aesthetically better.


•More efficient - Since HID lights consume less power from the car’s existing supply, the distribution of energy throughout the vehicle is made more efficient. This, in turn, lengthens the lifespan of the car’s electrical system, and in effect improves its overall performance.


•Lasts longer - Another advantage offered by HID lights is its endurance. It can last for at least twice the minimum lifespan of halogens, and up to eight times its maximum lifespan. Vehicle owners will then be spared from frequent light purchases and replacements.


•Broader coverage - Its ability to illuminate farther and broader areas effectively promote better visibility in most situations, even in low-beam mode.


•Better aesthetics - In terms of appearance, HID lights are aesthetically more appealing because it looks more luxurious—a feature that appeals to many car enthusiasts.


Although HID lights offer promising features, it also has certain drawbacks, perhaps the biggest of which is cost. HID bulbs are more expensive than other bulbs, making them less appealing for those who are on a tighter budget. Moreover, its illumination strength can become a weakness when it causes a blinding effect and glare through rearview mirrors and towards other motorists.

Are you interested in upgrading your car with this technology? To know more and experience the maximum potential of HID lights, consult top-rated car accessory providers in your area.


Content Source - https://www.lacaraccessories.com/blog/146-hid-lights-the-next-generation-of-car-head-lights.html

How Pioneer Car DVD Advances a Car’s Luxury Level?

DVDs can make road trips and hours of sitting in traffic a lot more fun. You can’t go wrong with a Pioneer car DVD. This brand of car DVDs can turn your regular road trip experience into a full of entertainment one.


Pioneer is one of the most trusted names in the car accessories industry. Aside from DVDs, it also offers a full range of products like Stereos, speakers, and Amplifiers.


Their newest Pioneer car DVD system comes complete with AM/FM receiver, widescreen monitor, and a player for DVDs. Not only you can watch movies and videos comfortably on the 6.2 to 7-inch display—you also get to listen to your favorite AM and FM channels. You can even play videos or movies from different sources such as flash drives and phones.


Some models have a larger touchscreen so that you can control the whole system in just a few taps. Other Pioneer DVDs have retractable monitors to save space when not in use. Pioneer car DVDs also have easy-to-read display menus, allowing you to switch audio tracks conveniently. Aside from their amazing monitors, they also have exceptional speakers. One of the most popular models has a MOSFET50 amplifier chip, which produces clearer sound. Indeed, this brand promises the same entertainment experience that you get in your home systems.


Even though Pioneer has been around for many years, it never fails to impress. The company is always one step ahead and has remained unbeatable in the car DVD systems segment. Some of their latest Pioneer DVDs do more than just provide entertainment. They also double as backup cameras.


With so many Pioneer car DVDs to choose from, it can be difficult to make a decision. In that case, you can simply ask for help from a reputable dealer of car accessories. With their product knowledge and experience, they can guide you in choosing the right system that suits your budget and requirements.


Content Source - https://www.lacaraccessories.com/blog/143-how-pioneer-car-dvd-advances-a-car%E2%80%99s-luxury-level.html

Car Dashboard Camera: Your Evidence in Case of an Accident on the Road

Have you ever considered installing a car dashboard camera in your vehicle? Perhaps you did at one point but postponed the purchase because of your limited budget. Here's good news for you. The prices of dashboard cameras these days are dropping, thanks to an oversupply of different brands in the market. It may be the best time to invest in one for your car. You have a broad range of dashcams on the market to choose from. Surely, you'll find a decent model that suits your budget and your requirements.


Many vehicle owners have started investing in different brands of car dashboard cameras not only because they are now more affordable but mainly because dashcams come in handy during road accident investigations. Drivers can show to their insurance companies the footages recorded by their dashcams to show clearly what caused the crash or collision. The footages can be effective pieces of evidence that may also help them with their insurance claims. 


Some brands of car dashboard cameras log footage information such as date, time, speed, location, and even the exact GPS coordinates. That way, drivers or vehicle owners can present more accurate facts to their insurance provider, thus proving that they are not the ones at fault. Indeed, dashcams can save you from being a victim of fraud. Moreover, this car accessory is also useful during a police investigation. It can help the authorities identify suspects as well as unscrupulous motorists.


For dashcam footages to be useful as strong evidence, they must have superb clarity. So when choosing a dashcam, always consider the video and image quality, screen resolution, and other important features. You should also look for safety and wireless features. Lastly, buy only from a trusted online supplier of car accessories. They partner with reputable brands, offering high-quality and durable car dashboard cameras to their customers.


Content Source - https://www.lacaraccessories.com/blog/142-car-dashboard-camera-your-evidence-in-case-of-an-accident-on-the-road.html