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4 Reasons, Why You Should Install the Transcend Drivepro Dash Cam in Your Car?

Dashboard cameras have become quite a trend in the car market today. The advantages of owning one have influenced people to buy dashboard cameras for their vehicle, irrespective of their size and brand. The Transcend drivepro dash cam is one such product in the market which many car owners prefer to buy. Let us explore some of the reasons as to why this dash cam has made a hit more than the others.


Perfect image resolution for hi-tech images

Car owners today want as many features as it can be crammed into a dashcam, and at that comfortable price range too. More for less, that is the motto and that is what Transcend offers the buyers. The Transcend drivepro comes with a Sony image sensor which makes the videos recorded both high resolution and perfect. Since getting these images are the primary goal of owning a camera in the first place, the Transcend gets the award for it. The snapshot button on Transcend is handy and convenient to operate.


Good Wi-Fi connectivity and Storage space

Are you planning to load your images online? You can do it easily with a Transcend drivepro dashcam. This allows easy accessibility to the images wherever you are, and helps you to monitor activities near your vehicle. With a 16GB memory card, it is easier to store a lot of images before transferring them. The GPS receiver makes it all perfect for use.


Easy installation and handling

No heavy-duty body or complicated installation process with Transcend drivepro dash cam – all simple and effective. It can be paired into your vehicle systems easily and can fit snugly into any physical space on the dashboard. If you are worried about making space on your dashboard for a camera, then transcend drivepro can help you resolve these issues. The smaller size just snugly fits into wherever you want it installed.


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